OC60E Series of Liquid Dielectric Testing Equipment

Testing of transformer oil with the HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS OC Series of Oil Dielectric Testing Equipment has just become simpler. One of Hipotronics’ newest developments, the OC60E, includes an integrated control and data acquisition system in the same package. The new controller allows the user to quickly perform reliable tests regardless of whether it is from the standards or just a quick dielectric test. The test results are displayed on a 20 X 4 STN liquid crystal display. Data from standard tests is automatically stored in one of the 25 internal memory slots, while a simple dielectric test is stored until the next test. The RS232 port and 25 internal memory slots make report generation and storage of acquired test data simple. When stored, the test data can later be downloaded to a computer using the RS232 port and a desktop utility program on your personal computer.
An added feature with the printer option is the ability to print the results immediately.

The OC60E is a fully automated digital liquid dielectric test set designed to reliably and accurately test the dielectric strength of insulating liquids. The OC60E controller is pre-programmed with the test procedures to automatically perform ASTM D877, ASTM D1816 and IEC 156 specified tests.

The safe and easy operation of the OC Series from Hipotronics has made it the industry standard for more than 40 years. It’s rugged yet lightweight design ensures years of trouble free operation in both the field and the factory. Like it’s predecessors the OC60E automatically terminates the voltage upon sample breakdown and the digital memory kilovolt meter automatically retains the breakdown voltage reading.


  • Preprogrammed with standard test profiles Rugged and reliable
  • Test sequences are easily upgradeable as standards change
  • Digital memory kilovoltmeter
  • Storage of the last 25 tests
  • One piece construction


  • Multi-purpose – because of its compact design its easily useable in the field as well as in the factory
  • Safe and easy – The interlocked high voltage section and integrated controller allow your operators to test safely and easily
  • Sturdy and reliable – the OC series of testers have a long and trouble free life; proven by over 40 years of industry wide use
  • Report generation – with the optional printer or standard RS232 test report generation is made simple
  • Additional Parameters – The user has the ability to enter additional test parameters such as temperature or viscosity
  • Test results – Can be stored internally, exported via RS232 or printed via optional onboard thermal strip printer


  • Transformers
  • Bushings
  • Switchgear
  • Capacitors
  • Hydraulics

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