ESD – EMC Test Equipment


The ONYX is a state of the art electrostatic discharge simulator available in 16kV or 30kV versions. It is the most ergonomic 30kV ESD gun without an additional base control unit that can be battery or mains operated. The easy to use touch screen, ergonomic design, modular RC units, multilingual interface, remote control software, built-in LED light and temperature & humidity display allows for trouble-free use of the ONYX in all types of test sites.

Watch the ONYX product overview video! Click below or click here to view full video gallery.


  • User defined 'smart key' function
  • Touch screen interface
  • Ergonomic design
  • All-in-one design (no base unit)
  • Predefined tests according to Standards
  • Define, store and load tests
  • User changeable RC networks
  • Automatic polarity switching
  • Remote control
  • Battery or mains operation, long battery life
  • Multilingual


  • Flexibility – enables users to meet many different test specifications with maximum cost effectiveness.
  • Quick and simple – one touch operation and simple on screen menu structure.
  • Mobility – the most ergonomic 30kV ESD gun on the market without an external base control unit.
  • Reliable and economical – Swiss made EMC test equipment designed for, reliability, service and support in a budget-friendly package.
  • Ergonomic –  The new ONYX BALANCER makes your ESD Simulator as light as a feather. It utilizes a patented conical shape hub that provides a zero gravity condition for the operator. Simple adjustments will zero out any weight up to 10kg. This allows for carefree maneuverability which greatly reduces operator fatigue and repetitive motion injuries. Designed for many years of repetitive use, the ONYX Balancer is the preferred tool of many industries (e. g. automotive).



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