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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS is the world's leading full-line manufacturer of high voltage test equipment and measurement instrumentation. Click below to read about what sets us apart from the rest.


Haefely High Voltage Test
As market leader in various high-voltage test equipment we provide the test, measurement and diagnostic products for a wide range of electrical applications. » LEARN MORE
Haefely EMC
As part of the well established HAEFELY TEST AG group, we take pride in being one of the leading manufacturers of conducted immunity test systems, that has brought EMC testing where it is today. » LEARN MORE
Tettex Instruments
Tettex produces high precision measuring and diagnostic instruments in the field of insulation and transformer measurements.» LEARN MORE
Robinson Instruments
Robinson Instruments technology and expertise is in every DDX series partial discharge detector we sell. » LEARN MORE

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Watch our C & Tan Delta / Power Factor Testing Video

Click below to learn why the MIDAS micro 2883 is the most revolutionary C & Tan δ / Power Factor tester on the market.

New insulation test set, MIDAS micro 2883

Introducing the MIDAS micro 2883, the newest addition to the Tettex family of insulation diagnosis sets. Use this lightweight tool for power factor  / tan δ and capacitance testing both in the field and in the factory.

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Watch our new AXOS Series "How-To" Video

Learn from an EMC industry expert how to operate the AXOS Series of expandable conducted immunity test systems.


Watch our new 5250 "How-To" Video

Learn from an industry expert how to operate the 5250 Portable Cable Fault Locating System in both basic and advanced modes.


New RSKF Onsite Cable Test System

Introducing our new RSKF product line,built with the latest frequency
converters and fixed-gap core, variable frequency reactors.
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Watch our DC Hipot "How-To" Video

Go behind-the-scenes to learn how to set up, operate and complete tests using the 800 Series line of DC Hipots.

             DC Hipot Video

New Partial Discharge (PD) Measuring System

HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS is proud to unveil the DDX9121b modular partial discharge (PD) measuring system. Call to inquire about this new product today. 
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HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS Product Application Guides

Need help finding what you need?

Introducing our new application guides - designed to help you find exactly which HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS product you need based on your testing requirements.

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X-Wave Cable Fault Locator Demo Video

Watch our new product demonstration video featuring the X-WAVE Cable Fault Locator. See how to operate our unit for quick and easy pinpointing of faults. 

X-Wave Cable Fault Locator - Product Demo

Watch our Motor Test System (MTS) Video

Watch our product overview and demo videos to learn about the most robust, reliable, and refined motor test system on the market.

Introducing New Webinar Series

Watch our first video
in a new series of pre-recorded webinars, featuring the 2293 and topics like resistance and turns ratio measurement.

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Introducing the Touch Screen PLC Upgrade

Our new Touch Screen Programmable Logic Controller (TS-PLC) is now available as an upgrade for select 700 Series AC Dielectric Test Set controls. Call to inquire about this modernization today. 
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New Turns Ratio Measurement Application for the Tettex 2293

We are proud to announce the release of the newest functionality of the Tettex 2293 Winding Analyzer - the Turns Ratio Mesaurement application.

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We are pleased to officially unveil our new logo. Click below to read how two organizations became one.  HAEFELY HIPOTRONICS: the original and the best high voltage test solutions.


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Hipotronics' Newly Redesigned Motor Test Set

The redesigned MTS has new modular layout options, rewritten control/data acquisition software, and a drastically improved lead time. Inquire today!


PT30 – Secondary Power Restoration

The PT30 is the first and only 30kVA unit on the market. It is designed to temporarily restore underground secondary service when one phase has failed and one phase remains, or if the neutral has been lost.

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Hipotronics Integrates FR3 Fluid Into Its Products

We are excited to be a part of the Hubbell Sustainability Initiative (HSI). Simply, HSI is good for the environment and good for your business. Click the button below to read more about how these efforts benefit your company.

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New! X-WAVE Sectionalizing Primary Cable Fault Locator

The Hipotronics X-WAVE is the most advanced, safest, and powerful cable fault locating tool on the market for sectionalizing your URD loop feed installations. Used together with the Hipotronics H-Flash, it makes short work of URD Sectionalizing of cable faults.

Test drive the X-WAVE now by using our new app! Click here

NEW In 2013: "Hipo University" Training Program!

With 100+ years of experience in the HV field, we feel it's time to share some of our expertise. Download our course handbook today to get all the details!

Hurricane Sandy Aftermath: We're Here to Help!

To any customer who needs assistance with water damaged electrical equipment, please contact our team of service engineers.  In the meantime, we are happy to provide you with helpful NEMA guidelines for evaluating damage.


Hipotronics Celebrates 50 Years

In honor of this milestone, we are proud to present a video that highlights our unique history, employees, and company values.

Tettex 2293 Winding Resistance Meter

The Tettex 2293 incorporates a fast and highly advanced procedure to measure winding resistance.  A simple one time connection system together with the simultaneous winding magnetization method drastically reduces measuring time.

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